Rocks tell a story. Their colors, their shape, their smell; each has it's own history.   As a result, their energy is unique.  This uniqueness provides each rock with it's own power to heal.

My collection is broad and my discoveries come in all shapes and sizes.  They include, but are not limited to minerals like polished Agate, petrified wood, fossils, crystals, even simple beach pebbles.  

I place the rocks into each piece of art one stone at a time.  My thoughts, feelings, and energy are a part of each piece from start to finish. Each piece is one of a kind, just like the rocks themselves. On the back of the art piece you will find a storyline of the healing property of the gem along with the history of where it was collected.

Please inquire in the contact section with any questions, special requests, or specific healing needs you may have. I will be glad to create a piece that caters to your interests and needs.   

I truly feel the energy of these gems and know they have the power to transform, I hope that you will agree!  Thanks for visiting the site today.