I have been drawn to the energy of rocks since I was a little girl.  Born and raised in Utah and a byproduct of an active family, I spent much of my childhood outdoors with my hands in the dirt.  In turn, I have always maintained a strong connection with nature.  

Growing up, many of our family vacations were spent in Southern Utah visiting the sacred red rocks in places like Lake Powell and Zions National Park. At the conclusion of most trips, I remember my mother having to dump out the massive collection of rocks that I had amassed during our vacation time, many of which I had hoped to keep. 

Fast forward to today…No more dumping Rocks! Instead, I have started a collection.  The energy that I have discovered in my rocks is very powerful. I am hoping to share their power and beauty with others through the custom artwork you will find on this website.  

Please take a moment to browse the gallery and let me know what I can create for you. Each piece is unique. Created with much attention,love and positive energy.  I am hopeful that regardless of what piece you choose, you will leave with a greater connection to, and appreciation for, the power of rocks!

I look forward to working with you!